Here you find information about visas, work permits, social insurance, living and working in Switzerland and much more:


Other countries, other customs.

In Switzerland, both companies and recruitment agencies expect you to provide certain information and forms in your application documents.

 ⚠️  IMPORTANT: submit your CV (curriculum vitae) in the language in which the job profile is published

 👉  arrangement of all information and documents chronologically backwards

 👉  a professional picture (even if this might be prohibited by law in your home country, Swiss law applies in Switzerland!)
 👉  reference letters, references and information on reference sources
 👉  copies of your diplomas/certificates

 👉  when required: a copy of an extract from criminal records, debt collection register, certificate of good standing, etc.

 👉  when required: information on your last and desired salary
 👉  a valid work permit for Switzerland

Depending on industry or company, hierarchical or security level, your documents and data will be subjected to

intensive background checks (staff vetting). 

You're not sure which documents you should provide? Call us or drop us a message.

 ⚠️  IMPORTANT: avoid the most common mistake: applying with a standard CV. Invest time and focus on the position advertised! 

Do some research and collect information about the company, team, company culture, etc. you might use to customize your application. 

😃  Also, talk about you as person. Who are you as a person? Be authentic! 

Switzerland: 1 country, 4 official languages!

Even though many job-vacancies are written in English, do not underestimate the fact that English is not an official language in Switzerland.

When German and French are indicated as "great advantage" or "an asset", then you should be aware that this is the mother tongue of your future colleagues!

e.g. if the advertisement text is written in German, German is usually also the internal business language, or at least the language your team is using on a day to day basis!


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